Life Unexpected.

beckynotbetty asked: What's your makeup routine for the "It's been raining for a week and I just really don't give two shits about anyone" kind of day?


So you mean MOST DAYS?! Honestly, as much as I love makeup I also love not wearing makeup, so most normal days I try to use 5-6 products or less. 

You know how makeup tutorials are like “hey this is gonna be a natural look” and then it’s a million products? Yo! No effing thanks. Sometimes I do a no makeup makeup look when I’m trying to spend 25 minutes on a face that will make people go “she’s so glowy is she an ANGEL” but that takes time and effort. I don’t have those often.

Here’s the base of my go-to, super easy, 3 minute look:

1. Eyebrows: Define your eyebrows with clear brow gel, tinted brow gel, a pencil OR some eyebrow wax. I usually use the benefit brow gel. A quick swipe defines my face and tames the hairiest part OF my face and keeps your “EYEBROW GAME STRONG” like eyebrows have the chance to GAIN POWER.

2: Eyes: Eyes are the eyes of your face, and deserve some attention. You want most people to look at them. Just a bit of mascara, and if I’m feeling fancy, any ole light brown eyeshadow to neutralize lid redness. My favorites are Maybelline The Rocket and Maybelline Color Tatoo in Bad to the Bronze.

3: Lips: I hate when lips are chapped, and it’s pretty damn easy to swipe some clear chapstick on them to define them slightly and keep em kissable. If I’m feeling SUPER fancy, I’ll tap some cranberry or wine colored lipstick on. I don’t APPLY it, I just TAP it to add some “i’m so naturally sexy” to my look. 

Products used: 4

LASTLY: Use one or two products to cover/enhance whatever the fuck YOU want. I think that easy, go-to looks should be changed up according to whatever your face needs that day. I always do the above 3 steps and then finish up with whatever one or two products will make me feel the best about leaving my house. Usually, I’ll add some concealer under the eyes and on my pimples (my go to is NYX HD Concealer or NARS Creamy Concealer) to add some brightness and cover some devil spots. Or blush if I feel like I’m looking dead and pale. Or highlighter on my cheekbones and inner corners if I’m feeling like a glow. Or eyeliner. This last part is up to you!

Either way, five minutes or less and you are actually out the freaking door.

the sad truth is -
no matter how hard
you try,
how much effort
you put in,
how many prayers,
crossed fingers
and bitten lips
you are willing
to give -
some people will just leave.

but here is another
truth for you -
after a while
it’s no longer sad,
it just is,
you carry on,
you smile,
you live. were never going to wait for me.  (via findingwordsforthoughts)